San Antonio Spurs Fiesta Jersey With Coco Theme Among Cool Disney and Marvel Movie-Inspired Designs

A San Antonio Spurs fan has designed one very cool San Antonio Spurs Fiesta jersey inspired by a popular Pixar movie. The new style is courtesy of a teenager who does graphic design and came up with a uniform based on the 2017 film Coco. It also brings the Spurs’ unique style from the early 1990s back into the mix and is one of the many concepts based on Disney or Marvel movies.

Pixar’s Coco Infused With San Antonio Spurs Fiesta Jersey

Graphic designer Mikey Halim is the 16-year-old creative mind behind the Coco San Antonio Spurs Fiesta jersey, per News 4 San Antonio. It’s one of the many NBA jersey designs Halim created which are inspired by a Disney movie. In this case, it’s based on the 2017 Pixar film based on the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday.

In the film, a 12-year-old boy named Miguel winds up in the Land of the Dead and meets up with his great-great-grandfather, a musician. His relative tries to help him return home and also reverse the family’s ban on music.

As shown below, Halim designed the jersey with a pink, teal, and orange colors that were part of the Spurs’ Fiesta jersey uniforms. The team used the Fiesta look for warmup gear in the 1990s. There’s never been a Spurs jersey with that look, though. Ever since then, fans have been wanting them to be introduced amongst options for the team’s jerseys.

Marvel, Disney Amongst Jersey Designs

Halim created special designs for each of the NBA teams ahead of the upcoming season restart in Orlando. Even teams that won’t make the trip to Orlando are included in Halim’s designs.

Some of the jerseys are based on popular Marvel characters including the Spider-Man Brooklyn Nets and Captain America Washington Wizards. Others pay homage to Disney characters, such as the Mickey Mouse Los Angeles Lakers and the Goofy-inspired Oklahoma City Thunder.

Will the Fiesta Jersey Ever Arrive?

As mentioned, plenty of fans would love to get a new retro-inspired Spurs Fiesta jersey. Even San Antonio Spurs player Dejounte Murray was asking for the color palette on New Balance shoes. It just so happens former Spurs star Kawhi Leonard represents the shoe brand too.

Murray also shared another fan’s Fiesta-inspired jersey design over the past few months.

Fans have also designed the jersey in popular basketball video games such as the NBA 2K series. However, the Spurs Fiesta jerseys have yet to return to the real-world.

The Spurs will be visiting Disney very soon to prepare for their eight-game NBA schedule and a shot at the playoffs. Should the right people see Halim’s creative designs, anything’s possible. After all, the world of Disney started with one man’s creative imagination and designs.

Perhaps Mikey Halim’s imaginative styles will see real-world creation too. Visit our Spurs news page to get more team and player news.