San Antonio Spurs Scrimmage 2021: Grades and Box Score Stats

The San Antonio Spurs held their annual Silver & Black intra-squad open scrimmage on Wednesday night. Team Silver was led by Derrick White’s 19 points and nine assists, while Dejounte Murray scored 21 points and dished out ten assists to lead Team Black. With 13 players available to play, each team had six full-time players and rookie Joshua Primo played for both teams. 

Spurs Scrimmage: Box Score Stats

spurs stats 2021 scrimmage

Spurs Scrimmage: Final Grades

Dejounte Murray

Murray was the best player on the court to begin the scrimmage. He connected on his first six shots from the field and was distributing the ball well. Eventually, Murray took a backseat and let his teammates carry the load before revving back up in the fourth quarter. 

Grade: A-

Drew Eubanks

Eubanks was extremely productive across the board. He knocked down a pair of three-pointers in addition to a mid-range jumper. Eubanks kept his energy high on both ends. He was also attentive on the glass and passed the ball well. 

Grade: A

Derrick White

White got off to a slow start. When he wasn’t missing three-point attempts, he was passing up open looks. Eventually, White found a groove and started to score and facilitate at a high clip. Let’s hope his shooting can straighten out before the start of the regular season. 

Grade: B

Keldon Johnson

Johnson struggled to connect from deep and those struggles continued even when he took the ball to the rim. His overall efficiency was salvaged a bit by getting to the line ten times and handing out five assists. 

Grade: C

Joshua Primo

Primo looked smooth throughout despite the strange circumstances that saw him suit up for both teams. He had supreme confidence taking threes and he authored a few outstanding passes. Primo also completed a couple drives to the hoop where he looked fluid and completely under control. Outside of a couple ball-handling miscues, the rookie had a pristine effort. 

Grade: A

Bryn Forbes

This was a typical Forbesian outing. His defense and passing were lacking but Forbes shot well and flashed creation skills off the dribble. 

Grade: B-

Keita Bates-Diop

I thought Bates-Diop was perhaps the biggest winner of this scrimmage. He’s in a battle to make the team and he looked like a player who deserves an NBA roster spot. Despite not shooting well from three-point territory, Bates-Diop was rock solid in all other facets. His defense, ball-handling, passing and overall understanding of how to play the game stood out. He’s never going to be a great player but KBD is clearly good enough for a spot in the league. 

Grade: B+

Devin Vassell

Vassell had an up and down outing. When he was decisive with his decisions, he typically looked good. When hesitation entered the equation, he looked like a youngster who still has a lot to work on. Vassell’s defense and rebounding were the most consistent aspects of his game. 

Grade: B

Jakob Poeltl

Other than missing all three of his free throws and a few instances of slow decision making, Poeltl was stout. He defended the rim with courage, crashed the glass, found cutters with timely passes and was an effective pick-and-roll partner. 

Grade: B+

Joe Wieskamp

For his first few stretches, Wieskamp played like he was a wayward fan who accidentally found his way onto the court. He wasn’t hitting anything on offense and was getting repeatedly burned on defense. Late in the third quarter, though, Wieskamp’s night turned around. He hit an open three-pointer and that was enough to get him going on both ends. He started reading passing lanes and knocked down a couple more threes. By the end of the scrimmage, he looked like an honest-to-goodness professional basketball player 

Grade: B

Doug McDermott

McDermott was active but he shot poorly and eventually got visibly agitated by his inaccuracy. While he can do more than knock down open jumpers, McDermott needs to shoot it straight in order to have a positive impact. 

Grade: C-

Al-Farouq Aminu

Aminu looked a little bit better than the one preseason game he played for the Spurs. He was moving better and flashed some defensive potential. That said, if Aminu and Bates-Diop are fighting for the same roster spot, Bates-Diop unquestionably did more to help his cause. 

Grade: B

Thaddeus Young

Young is doing a lot of little things okay but he hasn’t really been integrated into the offense. His touches are limited so he’s been relegated to trashman duty. In this role, he has his moments but his play is nothing to write home about. 

Grade: C+