Spurs Assistant Becky Hammon Shares Touching Post After Return From NBA Bubble

The San Antonio Spurs have officially returned home from the NBA bubble site in Florida. While the team was unsuccessful in their quest to capture a playoff spot, the players and personnel aren’t upset about being back with loved ones. That includes Spurs assistant Becky Hammon, who posted a touching IG series as she reunited with her family.

Becky Hammon Posts About Emotional Reunion With Kids

Becky Hammon reunited with her children after a month a good bit of time away. The Spurs’ assistant coach posted about all the emotions. As Hammon said in part of her caption, “The moment you haven’t seen your kids in a month, and in an instant are happy, at ease, and in tears (at least I was, the boys were fine lol).”

Hammon also gave recognition and appreciation to “all the working mommies and daddies who sacrifice so many precious moments to care for their families,” realizing how many people go through a similar struggle of being away.


The San Antonio Spurs completed their run for the NBA restart games this past Thursday, going 5-3 in the games. Unfortunately, due to two other Western Conference teams picking up necessary wins in games ahead of the Spurs on Thursday, that meant they were eliminated from any chance of a play-in game.

That brings offseason decisions. They include the NBA Draft in October, along with DeMar DeRozan’s decision as far as his contract and free agency.

Hammon Among Future Head Coaches?

During the Spurs’ time at the bubble, Becky Hammon coached a scrimmage game while head coach Gregg Popovich sat on the sidelines. It made for a historic moment as it was the first time a woman was the head coach for an NBA game. That game was a loss and Hammon showed her coaching prowess by talking about what the team needed to work on afterward. She also told the media her coaching was about player growth, not her own.

Analysts continually mention Becky Hammon as a potential head coach in the future. Some believe she’ll coach a college basketball team first. Others believe it’s inevitable she’ll be coaching an NBA team one day.

Per Yahoo! Sports’ Chris Cwik, Hammon’s name hasn’t popped up with regards to the now available New Orleans Pelicans’ job. Her name isn’t popping up in any rumors for other teams, but there’s always that chance. Other NBA squads in search of a new head coach include the Chicago Bulls and Brooklyn Nets.

Ironically, Gregg Popovich’s name has popped up in rumors with the Nets. Reportedly, Brooklyn wants to pursue him as their next head coach, but it’s unlikely he’ll leave the Spurs. Hammon doesn’t appear to be a candidate right now. Still, it seems only a matter of time, before Becky Hammon is running a team and utilizing her time spent with Pop to impact a team’s success.

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