Spurs Get Ready for Summer League

We are just a few short days away from the NBA Summer League. That means that the rookies the San Antonio Spurs picked up in the 2022 NBA Draft are going to get their first chance to shine. Let’s go over what we can expect during this year’s Summer League games.

Spurs Rookies Will Get Their Feet Wet During Summer League

The three rookies the Spurs picked up this year include Malaki Branham, Blake Wesley, and Jeremy Sochan. Branham and Wesley will both get a chance to play during the upcoming Summer League games.   

Branham was quoted saying, “I feel like my game rises when I am competing, I always watched summer league on TV, and now playing in it is going to be fun. I am super excited.”

As for Sochan, he had to take time out of practice due to a positive COVID-19 test. For a while, it was unclear whether he would be playing at all during the upcoming summer games. But CBS reports that he is now able to play again and will be participating in the Summer League games. It is likely he will not be able to be as active a participant as he could have otherwise. But hopefully we will be able to see a little bit of what he can bring to the team.

The first Spurs game during the Summer League will take place on July 8th against the Cavaliers at 5 pm ET. Three other games are already scheduled, and a fifth will be as well. You can learn more about this and the other scheduled games in this post.

Sports Illustrated quoted Spurs assistant coach Mitch Johnson saying, “It’s the same every year (with the rookies). It’s enthusiasm. It’s excitement. These kids want to prove whether they should be at this level or want to justify why they were drafted.”

You will be able to watch the Summer League games by tuning into ESPN 2 or NBA TV. Also, you can check back with us here if you miss the action to get updates on what we learn from the games about how the rookies perform. You will be able to view grades for each game. It will be exciting to get some insights that will help us make predictions about how team development could unfold through the next season.