Spurs’ Lonnie Walker Becomes Investor in San Antonio-based Company Mach1 Services

At the young age of 21 and with just two seasons in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs’ Lonnie Walker IV has been making a name for himself. In addition to his basketball career, he recently added investor to his resume. Walker is officially an athlete-investor in the local company Mach1 Services.

Lonnie Walker IV Invests in Mach1 Services

Lonnie Walker has now made a business investment in Mach 1 Services. It’s a San Antonio-based company created by Rick and Laura Narpaul that offers a free app that gives roadside services quickly and safely to drivers in Austin and San Antonio areas.

“I love technology, I love tech. I love how the app works. Once I met the founder, I knew it was a great fit for me and for myself and my family. I truly thank Rick, Laura, and Rahul Patel (FSM Sports Marketing Group founder) for making this happen as well,” Walker said of the investment opportunity.

The Spurs’ guard said he also made the investment with this particular company due to its involvement with the local area.

“San Antonio has embraced me as a member of their community, and it’s only natural that my first company is based right here in San Antonio. I think this is honestly a huge step, not just for my own, but also for San Antonio,” Walker said, per News4SanAntonio.

Walker added that being able to invest in something like this helps to show how diverse pro-athletes are, so it’s another reason he took the opportunity.

“Being able to invest and be involved in this. I’m just truly blessed. Being able to have an app like that and fully invested and you fully trust that they’re going to come and help you out, not only in a help situation, but also in a safety situation,” Walker said.

Walker Among Spurs’ Talented Young Stars

Lonnie Walker IV isn’t making a case for the NBA All-Star team quite yet, but he’s slowly been trending up. In his second season in the league, he saw his minutes increase along with his averages. Walker scored 6.4 points per game, grabbed about two boards per contests, and dished out at least an assist per game.

His averages per 36 minutes show double-digit scoring with 14.2 points, 5.1 rebounds, 2.5 assists, and over a steal per contest. Basically, as he continues to gain experience and minutes under Gregg Popovich, it’s likely that Lonnie Walker will continue to improve.

He participated in the NBA restart at the bubble site in Orlando, also gaining more experience. Several of those games saw increases in minutes as coach Popovich looked to try to develop his younger talent on the roster.

Along with 2016 pick Dejounte Murray, 2017’s Derrick White, and last year’s Keldon Johnson, Walker is clearly amongst the team’s group of future stars. They’ll add another rookie or two the mix in the upcoming NBA Draft.

Regardless of how well Lonnie Walker’s basketball career goes, it seems he has the mindset at an early age to realize his playing days won’t go on forever. He knows there’s more he can do beyond basketball. Making investments like Mach1 Services to help the local community and add to his own resume as an investor-athlete will go a long way. For more updates on the players and team, visit our Spurs news page.