Spurs’ NBA Season Return Plans for Orlando Include Yacht Club Hotel, Oura Smart Rings

More details have been arriving about the tentative NBA season return plays for Orlando in July. Within the past week or so, the San Antonio Spurs have learned which hotel they will stay in at the Disney Resort. In addition, new information arrived about a proposed ring that NBA players could opt to wear which could help detect signs of COVID-19 days ahead of time.

Spurs’ NBA Season Return Plans Include Specific Hotel

A total of 22 NBA teams are in talks for a resumption of the 2019-20 season, including the top eight squads in the Eastern and Western Conference. In addition, teams within four games of the final playoff spots in either conference are also part of the plan.

That means the San Antonio Spurs are one of five teams from the West with a chance to get a playoff spot. Also included are the New Orleans Pelicans, Sacramento Kings, Portland Trail Blazers, and Phoenix Suns.

Over the past week, details emerged about how the teams’ living arrangements would be at Orlando’s Disney Resort. The 22 teams will be split amongst three different hotels. Per The Athletic’s Shams Charania, the Spurs would join the four other West teams mentioned above, as well as the East’s Washington Wizards, in staying at the Yacht Club.

See details about the Yacht Club accommodations here.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe tweeted out a map of where the teams would stay at the Walt Disney World Resort. This would create a “bubble” site in which the NBA could have its season.

NBA teams would also enjoy a number of amenities as part of their stay in Orlando. That includes video games, pool, ping pong, pedicures, manicures, barbers, and lawn games. Charania broke those down in the tweet below:

In addition to the above, Charania mentioned that each team gets a 35-person travel party. That could also include personal trainers, massage therapists, and security personnel, among others.

It’s also mentioned that teams would have “tune-up” games against the other squads staying in their specific hotels. So the Spurs would potentially play against the Pelicans, Grizzlies, Kings, Trail Blazers, and Wizards if that happens.

Oura Smart Rings an Option if Players Return

One of the other recent developments with the NBA season return is the details of the special smart ring that the league is offering players. The ring, created by Oura Health, was determined by a study to track coronavirus symptoms up to three days before they actually show up in a person.

According to a CBS News report, the NBA sent out a memo to all players outlining various safety measures for the return season in Orlando. Among them would be the option to wear these smart rings.

Oura initially marketed the ring as a sleep tracking device. However, it also can monitor other important physiological data. That includes temperature, heart patterns, and breathing. It appears it can also detect early COVID symptoms with relatively high accuracy too.

Oura partnered with West Virginia University Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute and WVU Medicine to create a digital platform. This platform was designed to help determine COVID-19 symptoms ahead of the virus being discovered. The Oura Ring, when combined with an app and artificial intelligence models, is said to predict COVID-19 symptoms with more than 90 percent accuracy.

Players will have the option to wear these rings or not. It’s unknown how many players are on board to wear the smart rings. However, there’s a bigger issue when it comes to the NBA’s return in July. That is whether or not players will agree to go.

Players have until June 24 to notify their team they are “opting out” of the NBA return season. If they miss games, they’ll have their compensation reduced by 1/92.6 per game missed. There have been previous reports about the NBA players discussing concerns over having the season return amid the COVID-19 pandemic and racial inequality issues going on.

At least one player won’t be part of the Spurs’ season even if it resumes in July. Big man LaMarcus Aldridge had shoulder surgery, keeping him sidelined for the expected duration of the NBA’s stay in Orlando. Visit our Spurs news page for more of the latest team and player news.