The Spurs Odds for a Spot in the Playoffs

As we move into March, it is time to start thinking about whether the San Antonio Spurs will get a chance to appear in the playoffs. Wondering what oddsmakers are predicting? Let’s take a look at the Spurs odds to make the playoffs for the 2021-22 season.

When Will the NBA Playoffs Take Place This Year?

On April 12th-15th, the 2022 play-in tournament will take place. The playoffs will commence one day later on April 16th. Fans who want to try their luck wagering on the Spurs can sign up at the best NBA betting sites for competitive odds and bonuses. Later in this post, we will tell you a little more about how you can wager on the Spurs online.

Will the Spurs Get a Spot in the Playoffs? The Latest Spurs Odds

DraftKings recently posted about the Spurs playoffs odds for 2021-22. As the site points out, the Spurs have struggled despite outstanding performances from Dejounte Murray. At the time of the post, which was made on February 23rd, the site listed the following odds for the Spurs to get into the playoffs:

Yes (+1100) No (-3500)

Author Jovan C. Alford says, “Even if the Spurs were able to get the 10th seed, I don’t see them winning two games in the play-in tournament to get into the first round of the playoffs. They are too inconsistent and only have two solid consistent players in Murray and center Jakob Poeltl.”

This is a straightforward and sound analysis. The Spurs have a couple of great ingredients right now, but still do not have the full recipe they need for success. That said, they do have something they can build off of for next season. And indeed, the team’s focus is probably as much on the future as it is on this season.

Checking the current odds posted by DraftKings for the Spurs to make the playoffs, we see that they have been updated to:

Yes (+800) No (-1600)

KENS5 also posted about the Spurs’ chances of making it into the playoffs on February 24th. The article says, “Las Vegas oddsmaker, BetOnline, released the Spurs’ playoffs odds and they are still daunting. San Antonio has +1000 odds at making the NBA postseason as well as -2000 to miss out.”

We can also turn to ESPN’s BPI Playoff Odds for further estimates. BPI stands for “Basketball Power Index,” which is a stat the ESPN Analytics team created to come up with a way to assess the strength of any given NBA team. The team simulates the season 10,000 times a day to come up with these estimates. So, that is a lot of data, even if it is based on hypothetical events.

At the time of this writing, here is what the page is listing for San Antonio:

  • Win-loss: 34-48
  • Play-offs: 4.8%
  • NBA title: <0.1%
  • Draft top 3: 15.9%

So, the odds of the Spurs making the playoffs look to be pretty slim. That has not changed over the past couple weeks.

How to Bet on Spurs Games

Let’s say you want to wager on whether the Spurs will make the playoffs or not. How can you go about it? First, you will need to sign up at one or more reputable online sportsbooks (consider joining more than one so that you can shop the odds).

Then, you will need to make a deposit. You will have a chance when you do to claim any welcome bonuses that are available. After the money shows up in your sports betting accounts, you can then place some bets. As of right now, if a site is offering action on whether the Spurs will make the playoffs, you will probably find it listed under Futures.

It can be tempting to bet on the Spurs making the playoffs despite the low chances because you are a fan. We suggest going forward with such a bet only if you have a strong reason to believe that the Spurs really will surprise everyone and make the playoffs. It is not enough to wager on hope alone. Since it is such a long shot, however, bettors who back this possibility do stand the chance to win big if the Spurs defy expectations.

Do Your Own Research

Checking the odds is an important step to take in placing wagers on the playoffs. But you also need to do your own research and analysis. Once you have come up with your own predictions, you will be able to compare the odds you find to those you estimated. That is how you can figure out if there is value in the odds. If you are ready to get started, open a few sports betting accounts now and make your first deposits. Good luck wagering on the NBA 2021-22 season playoffs.