Spurs Fiesta-Themed Jerseys Might Be Part of Next Season

Ahead of the next NBA season, San Antonio Spurs rumors have arrived suggesting a blast from the past. Fiesta-themed jerseys could be on the way for the upcoming season, as a tribute to gear once worn by former Spurs stars. A recent online leak has given some hope to fans who want to see the return of the festive favorite.

Spurs Rumors Arrive With Leaked Image

KSAT News’ RJ Marquez recently shared the leaked image that’s been making the rounds online. He indicates based on Spurs rumors, these will be the City Edition Jersey worn by the San Antonio players in the coming season. They feature the Fiesta colors seen about three decades ago that many fans have been asking to see again on the newest members of the roster.

The leaked image has brought excitement, with some fans hoping that the rumors are true. In a comment on Marquez’s tweet, someone also speculates that other teams will have “throwback nights” in the coming season. They suggested the Spurs may do the same and have a special court to go along with the Fiesta-themed jerseys.

The San Antonio Spurs used Fiesta-themed gear way back in the 1990s but it eventually went away. The closest fans got to its return were Fiesta medals in 2017 and then a Throwback Thursday promotion that the team had back in 2018. Fans in attendance received retro shirts that featured the Fiesta theme.

Over the past months and years, there have been fans showing their enthusiasm with prototypes for the Fiesta design. However, it looks like they’ll have to settle for having Fiesta colors on the team’s City Edition jerseys.

Per KSAT’s report, Spurs officials haven’t confirmed the City Edition Jerseys, but say to stay tuned for an announcement.

Spurs Fans Ready for Fiesta Jerseys

With new San Antonio Spurs rumors suggesting a Fiesta-themed jersey, fans are hoping not to see the camouflage style again. They’ve been donned as a retro-style for the Spurs in recent history, but many fans would love to forget them.

“I’ll never forgive the Spurs for this garbage,” one fan tweeted while showing former Spurs stars Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green in the camo style.

“Man, I’ve never been a fan of the fiesta colors. But I’ll take that any day over the camouflage jerseys. /shiver,” another fan commented on Marquez’s tweet of the leaked Fiesta-themed jersey.

At least one Spurs player has reacted to the Fiesta-themed jersey, or at least to a fan’s mention of him in it. Rising star Lonnie Walker IV retweeted and replied to one fan’s comment. The fan said he was going to purchase a Walker Fiesta-themed jersey as soon as they’re available.

“Appreciate you fam..you a fan of me. I’m a fan of yours,” Walker said.

With the potential for the new alternate jerseys to go on sale, fans will be anxiously awaiting the announcement of when the next Spurs season will begin. First up, the NBA Draft in November, with news on the next season in the coming months.

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