Spurs Rumors: Gregg Popovich is Staying, DeMar DeRozan Trade to Heat Possible

San Antonio Spurs rumors are continuing to swirl about the team’s future after their first playoff absence since 1997. In a new report via CNBC’s Jabari Young, the possibility of head coach Gregg Popovich leaving the team is examined, with comments from the Spurs CEO on the situation. In addition, there are some more details about the possibility of DeMar DeRozan going to a new team in a trade should he pick up his player option.

Spurs Rumors: Buford Comments on Popovich Return

The San Antonio Spurs came close to making a return to the NBA playoffs for a 23rd-straight season. However, they were unable to achieve a good enough record at the NBA bubble to overcome Memphis or Portland. That said, the team played great during the restart effort, even without key players like LaMarcus Aldridge or Trey Lyles there. Head coach Gregg Popovich was pleased by the player development and what he saw.

That said, Popovich was asked about returning to coach next season and retorted with “Why wouldn’t I?” in typical Pop fashion. Still, there have been confirmed rumors about the Brooklyn Nets pursuing Popovich to coach their squad with All-Stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

In Jabari Young’s CNBC piece, there are comments from Spurs CEO R.C. Buford. Based on his remarks, the Spurs are moving forward under the assumption that Popovich will be their coach for 2020-21.

“I don’t know if he’s told (Spurs general manager) Brian (Wright) any differently. Pop’s shown nothing other than how we’re going to build our team for next year,” Buford said.

Right now, Gregg Popovich appears to be part of the Spurs’ plan at least in the very near future. However, at age 71 he is the oldest head coach currently in the league, and it’s unlikely he’ll continue on the sidelines in his role too much longer. Even so, he’s helped build a franchise over 20 years focused on finding great talent and winning.

“Pop’s vision will be in play long after his presence,” Buford said in Young’s CNBC report. “That doesn’t mean it’ll be him in there making those decisions, but we’ve all learned together, and you’re not going to step away from a values-based, team-building aspect that focuses on culture and coming to work every day and working on it.”

Could DeMar DeRozan Leave for Miami?

As far as DeMar DeRozan goes, his future with the team seems a bit unclear still. Based on the CNBC report, Young speculated that DeRozan will pick up his 2020-21 player option with the team. That’s worth $27 million. However, the possibility exists that DeRozan could choose to test the waters of free agency.

DeRozan’s situation has led to Spurs rumors involving the possibility of the former All-Star being on the trade block. In a report from Air Alamo’s Ethan Farina, he examines the potential for a trade with the Miami Heat. Young also mentions that DeRozan is close with All-Star Jimmy Butler, currently a member of the Miami roster.

The Air Alamo report suggests some potential Heat players the Spurs could look at for a trade. They include Duncan Robinson, Kendrick Nunn, and rookie Tyler Herro. Miami’s roster also has veteran Andre Iguodala and big man Kelly Olynyk as possibilities. Each of these players could end up being a great fit for a Spurs roster that merges young stars and veterans.

Right now, Miami is participating in the NBA Playoffs, taking on the No. 1 seed Milwaukee Bucks in the second round. That said, they could very well be looking to add some more star power to their roster in order to contend with Milwaukee, Boston, Toronto, and rising teams in the East going forward. Visit our Spurs news page here for more of the latest team and player news.