The Spurs Might Have a Shot at Signing Deandre Ayton

Previously, a lot of people assumed that Deandre Ayton would be staying with the Phoenix Suns. But that might not be a given after all. And according to recent rumors, the San Antonio Spurs might just be where Ayton will land. Let’s take a closer look at the potential for Ayton to sign with the Spurs or rival teams.

Signing Deandre Ayton May Not Be Out of Reach for the Spurs After All

In a recent game against Dallas, Suns head coach Monty Williams put Ayton on the bench. Williams said, “It’s internal” as the reason. This was not a one-off incident, either; it appears to be part of a broader dynamic. Referencing “league sources with knowledge of the situation,” Bleacher Report explains, “Ayton is not particularly a favorite of Phoenix’s head coach. Williams has purportedly griped about Ayton’s waning focus, which some people contacted by B/R said has often been reflected by the ebbs of his playing time.”

Deandre Ayton may just be the athletic big the Spurs have been looking for, and brings consistency (overall—not so much during the recent postseason) with respect to rebounds and points. Moreover, signing him should be a realistic prospect.

That said, it is not as if the Spurs are the only possible option for Ayton. There is a rumor that the Atlanta Hawks may have an active interest. Some have also suggested that Ayton might sign with the Denver Nuggets or the Portland Trail Blazers.

So, recent events have certainly cast a new light on the Deandre Ayton situation. But by no means are the rumors about Ayton joining the Spurs solid. There are so many possible outcomes at this point, and no clear direction on where Ayton is most likely to land. Spurs fans who would like to see him join San Antonio have reason to be hopeful. But they may not want to get their hopes up too just high yet.

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