Three New San Antonio Spurs Team Logos Celebrate 50th Anniversary

Three new San Antonio Spurs team logos have just been revealed in honor of the team’s 50th anniversary in the city. During the 2022-23 season, these three logos will grace merchandise and uniforms. Let’s take a look at the new logos.

These are the Three New San Antonio Spurs Team Logos

All three of the new logos for the Spurs feature the team’s black and silver colors (sorry—no fiesta colors).

  • One of the logos takes the form of the state outlines of Texas in black filled in with silver. A spur shape is cut out of the map, at the center of which is a single black dot. Some commenters have mentioned that it appears that the dot is closer to Austin than San Antonio. But had the spur reached further down, it would have had to be smaller and might have looked awkward. The way the spur is positioned and sized now makes for a balanced composition.
  • Next is a logo of the SATX wordmark. The wordmark is in silver with black outlines. It features a spur emerging from the X and running under the T to the A. The Spurs have stated that “SATX” draws emphasis to the city, state, and region. Moreover, it does so in four letters. Previous wordmarks featured the words “SAN ANTONIO.” Those words took up more space, and did not reference the whole of Texas alongside the city.
  • Finally, we have the third logo, which takes the form of a basketball in black with silver lines. In its center is the same SATX wordmark, once again in silver with black outlines.

As reported here, the Spurs stated, “These new marks help broaden the team’s brand with three adaptable logos, while staying true to the Spurs iconic legacy. This announcement is part of the team’s season-long celebration taking place during the 2022-23 campaign to commemorate 50 years of Spurs basketball in San Antonio beginning in 1973.”

While many fans would have likely loved to see some fiesta colors, these are exciting new San Antonio Spurs team logos that do a great job honoring the team and the surrounding region and community.

If you love these new logo designs, you can already grab merchandise featuring them from the Official Spurs Fan Shop. Curious about the history and evolution of the San Antonio Spurs team logos? Check out this post.