How to Watch San Antonio Spurs Live Online

Are you taken aback to find that you cannot live stream San Antonio Spurs games on YouTube TV, SlingTV, or HULU + Live TV this season? Right now, a lot of Spurs fans are scrambling to figure out how they can keep up with their favorite team. Thankfully, there are still multiple options for where and how to watch San Antonio Spurs live online.

Why Can’t You Watch the San Antonio Spurs Live Online on YouTube TV, SlingTV, or HULU + Live TV?

Simply put, all three of these providers removed Sinclair Broadcasting. That means that Fox Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) are no longer streaming through YouTube TV, SlingTV, or HULU + Live TV.

As explained at KSAT, “A total of 35 out of the 37 games will be broadcast on Fox Sports Southwest.”

Can you just get NBA League Pass? Not if you are in the San Antonio area. KSAT says, “NBA League Pass is not an option either because the service ‘blacks out’ the local team in their respective market, meaning Spurs games can only be seen by someone living outside the San Antonio designated market.”

Where To Watch San Antonio Spurs Online

So, what are your options for how to watch San Antonio Spurs games live online? First of all, if you want to watch on local TV (or even listen on the radio), you can find the broadcast schedule here. But if you want to watch the Spurs online, here are some possibilities:

  • VPN: Hypothetically, you can try to use NBA League Pass anyway. But if you are a local Spurs fan, you won’t be able to watch the Spurs games because they will be blacked out. You might be able to get around this by using a VPN. Just know that NBA League Pass is getting better at detecting this method, so there are no guarantees here that you will be able to watch the games. That means this method is a financial risk. If it backfires, you will be out the cost of the subscription. You will then still need a way to watch the Spurs.
  • DirecTV: The NBA Spurs broadcast page also lists DirecTV as an option. But it is not a cord-cutting option, as you still need a TV package to use it. But if you do, you can at least stream to a device of your choice.
  • Spectrum: As with DirecTV, there is a streaming app you can use in conjunction with a valid TV subscription through Spectrum.
  • AT&T TV: Also, you can also purchase AT&T TV to access Spurs games. GetMyHomeTeams says to use the Choice package to access the Regional Sports Networks. But you will notice a few other relevant packages. Note that you need to pay an extra fee of $8.49/month to access the RSNs.
  • Some fans on Reddit have recommend live stream sites like Spurtsurge or HeheStreams as alternatives to the ideas above.

How and Where To Live Stream San Antonio Spurs   

Finding a San Antonio Spurs live stream has become a challenge due to the end of the Sinclair Broadcasting contract with major streaming services. Right now, there is really no easy solution. You either need to pay for a sanctioned package through AT&T TV, Spectrum or DirecTV, use another streaming site, or take a risk with using a VPN to try and get around blackouts. Regardless, there are still ways to watch the Spurs this season, so check into these options if you want to stream the games. Go Spurs, go!