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    Longhorn E
    ...offensive idea for this Saturday, 11 October 2003, at 2:30 P.M., in -allas, Texas :
    Rather than have the same bullsh!t controversy revolving around the QB situation, how would you all feel about this offensive line-up :
    RB Cedric Benson
    WR(X) Roy Williams
    F(Z) B.J. Johnson
    TE(Y) David Thomas/Bo Scaife
    LT Jonathan Scott
    LG Tillman Holloway
    C Jason Glynn
    RG Will Allen
    RT Justin Blalock
    RB/QB Vincent Young
    QB Chance Mock
    Now, don't get your panties ALL in an uproar, what I'm proposing was simply what I read on one of these Longhorn Fans web-sites/message boards .
    Now, this isn't the line-up for the entire game, OBVIOUSLY, but what do you think stoops & his fans, players would do if & when they were to see this offensive line-up !?!?!?!?
    I beleive that if they were to see this line-up, and they quite possibly failed to prepare for this offensive possibility, this would throw them into such a state of confusion, in all honesty, I can't see them being able to defend this set-up successfully !!!!!
    Here, you have CMock taking the snap from Glynn, and he can either hand off to Benson for a run, hand off to Young for either a run or a pass deep to Williams, Johnson, or Thomas, or Mock throwing to ANY of his potential receivers !!!!
    Once again, I remind you that I found this on one of the Longhorn FBZs, so let's hear what you think, and PLEASE, let's be reasonable, O.K. ?!?!?!??!

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    Patrick Davis
    why play mock when we have so many more talented players. Young plays QB. Mock rides the bench, waits for a chance, if he gets it, he better capitalize. But don't be hating on Will Matthews the FB. He has had a great year, not to mention he is from my HS.

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    Longhorn E
    Did you EVEN read the entire text of that post, or are you that "Tunnel-Visioned" ???
    I DID NOT say this line-up was for the entire 60 minutes !!!
    Wil Matthews WILL play, during the course of the game, and, although if you were in MBrown's shoes, it would not be the case, CMock IS, I-S, IS going to play for the better part of the game, health permitting !!!!
    Good night, you just will not get this through that "Thick Skull" of yours, will you !!!!!

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    I could live with that. the more they can use VY the better.

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    Longhorn E
    P.S. In case you hadn't notice this little bit of information, WMatthews IS NOT EVEN the starting FB !?!?!
    Brock Edwards is designated as the starting FB !!!!
    But, as I said before, WMatthews will play during the course of the game !!!

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    From Way Downtown
    If I'm OU, I'm exstatic about that lineup for anything more than 1 or 2 plays.

    From the defensive perspective, I know by that lineup that UT is not about to run the ball between the tackles (not that they can do that, anyway). I also know that any type of power-running game (i.e., traps, power sweeps, wide belly plays, counter traps, etc) are unavailable, since Young is certainly not going to lead Benson into a hole, and Benson, who is not a blocking back, will not lead Young, because Mack would be foolish to ever try to pound Young in the middle.

    This means that any efforts to run any sort of traditional running plays are going to be without a lead blocker, making it much easier for my linebackers to identify the play, scrape to the hole, and stuff the play. At the very least, you lack anyone to block past the second level.

    At that point, I know that I'm looking only at gadgets and misdirection plays. But I can spy your QB tandem (actually, I'd probably only spy Young, and at OU, I'd do it with Lehmann, who is supposedly sub 4.4, and can run with guys like Young) with some combination of linebackers and safeties. That takes away, absent a breakdown from one of my spies, your QB running option.

    With spy techniques, I can play all of my base coverages in the secondary, allowing my DBs to deal with the WRs. Since you only have one back on the field, I'm realistically only looking at 4 receiving threats, so I can play man, or if I want, can play virtually any form of zone, since my 6 can cover your 4. I can play cover 2 and bracket your wideouts; I can play cover 4 and just give you anything underneath; I can play cover 3 and deny you anything over the top; I can play cover 9 and lock up on everyone. My options are limitless. If I play cover 9, I will also have 2 free-roaming blitzers, since I only have to deal with 4 receivers.

    That leaves you pretty much with nothing but gadgets. I'll take my chances, since even well-executed gadgets rarely work. You might get me once, but if you keep doing it, I'm going to win much more often, since you probably haven't practiced many of those plays (which often require extremely high levels of coordination) any more than a handful of times, and probably only during this week.

    The rest comes down to playing proper techniques -- my ends keeping containment, my tackles keeping the guards off of Lehman, no breakdowns in the secondary -- that is, doing exactly what I ask my defense to do on every down!

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    Are UT fans this desperate, or are they just this stupid?

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    Patrick Davis
    What don't I get. UT has NO running game with Mock. To win you need to run. Mock ruins our offense by shutting down our running game. Did you not notice the complete lack of offensive movement with Mock in the game against K State. Did everyone just have better series when Young was in. Young runs the team 10 times better. Why play Mock.

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    CMock IS, I-S, IS going to play for the better part of the game, health permitting !!!!

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