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    Just curious what you cowboy fans think.
    I'm sure all 3 see the field, especially since Parcells is a Romo fan.

    And...I heard Ross is gonna try to return this year...

    He is a good corner, the cowboys aren't going anywhere this year....why jeapordize a longterm career with such a shortsighted move. As I recall, he's choosing to remove cartilage instead of repairing it. Any comments on this???

    edit: ALSO--

    The Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Clarence E. Hill Jr. reports Dallas Cowboys WR Joey Galloway is not guaranteed a starting spot on the field with the acquisition of WR Terry Glenn and the emergence of WR Antonio Bryant. "I don't look at it as a negative. We are as deep a group of receivers as any I have been around," said Galloway. "Both [Glenn and Bryant] are playmakers and very good athletes. That's the coach's decision. All I control is how I play."

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    I think Quincy has looked great all preseason, I think he'll make it through the year. I also don't think Parcells is the guy to play the QB swapping game too much. He knows what he has, and I believe he'll stick with Q.

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    being a skins fan, i'd be more than happy to see
    quincy vs. hutch part III next preseason.


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    Ross is doing nothing until Week 3 because of knee surgery. I think that Quincy is the lesser of two (with Romo, three) evils. Its one thing to be bad, yet mobile but to be bad and immobile is worse. Romo does move better than Hutch, not alot better but still better. Chad's days at Valley Ranch may be numbered.

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    I know it was just a preseason game, but Quincy looked damn good last night.

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    yes he did. It was fun to watch.

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    I predict Quincy lasts all season (barring injury) and leads the team to 8-8.

    I also predict he'll finish with a QB rating in the mid 80s.

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    In Carter's first season all you ever heard from the coaching staff was how his leadership and at ude were his strengths. I remember Wade Wilson saying that the team seemed to respond well to him in the huddle and in the locker room. The following year Bruce Coslet comes in and all you hear is how negative Quincy is and how much his at ude had gone south. Many close to the situation say Bruce had it in for Quincy no matter what. I don't know how true this is but I think Sean Payton and Bill Parcells have given Quincy that spark again and he looks like he is having a blast.

    This new staff will develop game plans that will help him to move around and create options either on the run or with outlets involving the tight ends or fullback. I think Quincy will be the man as long as he shows he can put the team in the end zone. If the offense shows life Quincy will be the guy for at least this year.

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    if carter last all year you will be very lucky to be 8-8

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    The Boys would have been 8-8 last year had they left Carter as the starter, and that's with Campo and Coslet at the helm. Now he's under the Tuna, Sean Payton, and Mo Carthon.

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    I think win or lose he will last all season. And then baring an outstanding season will be the backup next year when Tuna brings in a vet.

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