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    And the Spurs? They went 25-4 in their last 29 games, obliterating the league with an improving defense and an offense built on spacing, cutting, multiple pick-and-rolls and side-to-side movement. In its last 20 games, San Antonio outscored opponents by a ridiculous 16 points per 100 possessions, almost double the Bullsí league-leading, season-long point differential. The Spurs scored off the charts as Manu Ginobili got healthy and the front office fortified the bench, and their defense, a weak link for much of the season, performed at a top-five level.

    27-4 is unreal as Pop gave a few of those games away resting key players- Spurs should be the odds on favorite by any salient measure!

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    spurs big three sat atleast 4 games
    2 losses I know were when big three were sitting

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    How's that gone for you, Rummpd?


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