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    Height: 6-11
    Weight: 250 lbs
    Birthday: 05/08/85
    Team: CSKA Moscow
    Country: Russia
    NBA draft rights hold by the Cavs


    This guy is a Spurs type center! Worth a look. I'll see if this thread actually make's it past the moderators. The Russian's ball movement is spurs like.
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    I actually like the way this guy moves offensively in a pick and roll. He has the size and athleticism to catch and dunk at the rim. That's a skill that the Spurs need.
    Watching him against Spain in the Semi-Finals in the Olympics and he just abuses Ibaka with a hard Pick and Dive cut to the rim. I say we move Blair and a draft pick or even Neal, to the Cavs for the rights to this guy and bring him in now.

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