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    I used to play the Jack Box trivia game on my Iphone a while back and it was pretty fun.

    Until the other day, I had no idea that they had put out JackBox game packs. Each pack has 5 games. Some suck but some are fun as if you have some people over.

    They involve putting the app on a device (Fire TV, PS, Switch, etc) and then logging on from your phone. It's fairly smooth and some of the games are great if you've got 4 or more people.

    There's like 6 packs out right now but I'd advise getting one that had Fibbage and/or Quiplash. Several other good ones. Nice thing is you can make it as clean or dirty as you want.

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    Bend over, I'll ing show you a jackbox.

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    I googled and this came up

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